Vegetarian Dishes


57. Pad Pak Ruam


Stir fried mixed vegetables in soy sauce


58. Preaw Wan Tofu


Bean curd and vegetables in a Thai

style sweet and sour sauce


59. Pad Gra-prao Tofu


Stir fried bean curd with mushroom

chilli and Thai basil


60. Kang Kiew Wan Pak


Thai green curry with vegetables in

coconut milk


61. Kang Dang Pak


Thai red curry with vegetables in coconut milk


62. Kang Mussamun Tofu


Bean curd, potatoes in mild peanut curry


63. Pad Khing Tofu


Stir fried tofu with ginger, mushroom, garlic

and onion.


64. Pad Bean Sprout


Stir fried fresh bean sprout in garlic

and soy sauce.


65. Pad Makam Tofu


Stir fried tofu in Thai tamarind sauce with

Vegetable and cashew nuts.


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