These dishes are Express Dishes served with

Thai steamed fragrant rice.


66. Roast Duck with Rice


Sliced roast duck with Thai herb sauce on

a bedding of cooked Chinese leaves, served

with fragrant Thai rice.


67. Roast Chicken with Rice


Chicken roasted to perfection after

marinating with honey, garlic and coconut

milk served with fragrant Thai rice.


68. Tempura Chicken in Lemon

and Sweet Chilli Sauce


Tempura battered chicken covered in

lemon and sweet chilli sauce, topped with

coriander .


69. Fried Salmon with Thai garlic and

Chilli Sauce


Fried crispy salmon in batter with

slightly spicy Thai chilli-garlic sauce


70. Crispy Duck in Tamarind Sauce


Tender roast duck lightly deep-fried

served in exotic tamarind sauce on a

bedding of crispy noodles

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