Main Dishes

20. Pad Preaw-wan                         

       Thai styles stir fried sweet and sour sauce

       Chicken / Pork                              £12.95

       Prawn / Salmon                           £15.95


21. Pad Gra-prao

       Stir fried with fresh chilli, vegetables

       And fresh Thai basil

       Chicken / Pork /Beef                     £12.95

       Prawn / Salmon                           £15.95


22. Pad Nam-mun-hoy

       Stir fried oyster sauce with vegetables

       Chicken / Pork / Beef                    £12.95

       Prawn                                          £15.95


23. Pad Khing

       Stir fried with fresh ginger and mushroom

       Chicken / Pork / Beef                    £12.95

       Prawn / Salmon / Duck                £15.95


24. Pad Lao Dang

       Stir fried in Sanchans own chef red wine

       Sauce topped with Cashew nuts

        Chicken / Beef                             £12.95


25. Gai Manao                                   £14.95

       Tempura battered chicken covered in sweet

       lemon and chilli sauce dressed with slices

       lemon and coriander


26. Tod Gra-Tiem Prik-Tai

       Stir fried garlic and ground white peppers

       Mixed with vegetable

       Pork / Chicken / Beef                    £12.95

       Prawn / Squid                              £15.95


27. Pad Makam

       Stir fried Thai tamarind sauce with

       Vegetable and cashew nuts

       Chicken / Pork/ Beef                     £12.95

       Prawn                                          £15.95


28. Pad Plum Sauce

     Stir fried with plum sauce and vegetable

       Chicken                                       £12.95

       Duck                                           £15.95


29. Pad Prik Moo                              £14.50

       Stir fried belly pork cooked in chilli paste

       and vegetable oil

     Oven Baked&Grilled

 44. Roast Duck

       Sliced duck marinated in non-spicy Thai

       herbs and our Sanchans special own sauce

       served on a bed of  Chinese leaves

                                                                 £ 16.95



45. Roast Chicken                                     £15.95

       Roasted to perfection after marinating

       at length in honey, garlic and coconut milk

       serve with sweet chilli sauce.


46. Ped Makam

       Tender roast duck lightly deep-fried, served

       sliced in Sanchan tamarind sauce on a bed of  

       crispy noodles.

                                                                  £ 16.95



     47. Kor Moo Yang                                   £15.95

     Thai style tender grilled pork (neck end)

     served with chef’s homemade Sanchan

     spicy sauce.

            Curry  Dishes


 30. Kang Dang

       Thai Red curry in coconut milk and


       Chicken / Pork /Beef                      £12.95

       Prawn                                           £15.95  


 31. Kang Kiew Wan

       The famous Thai green curry in coconut

       milk and vegetables

       Chicken / Pork /Beef                     £12.95

       Prawn                                          £15.95


 32. Kang Mussamun

       A popular dish from the Southern part of

       Thailand with Thai herbs and mild peanut

       curry, coconut milk and potatoes  

       Chicken / Pork /Beef                     £13.95

       Prawn                                          £16.95


 33. Kang Panang

       An aromatic curry cooked in panang paste

       with kaffir leaves sautéed in coconut milk

       Chicken / Pork /Beef                     £13.95

       Prawn / Salmon                           £16.95


 34. Kang Pha (Jungle Curry)

       A tasty hot clear soup cooked with Thai

       herbs and vegetables

       Chicken / Pork /Beef                    £13.95

       Prawn                                         £16.95

          Salmon or Sea Bass

 35. Pra Rard Prik                            £14.95/ £16.95

       Tempura Salmon or Seabass

        topped with spicy chilli-garlic sauce


 36. Sam Rod Tama                          £14.95/£16.95

       Tempura Salmon or Seabass 

       topped with sweet tamarind sauce


 37. Shu Shee                                    £14.95/ £16.95          

       Tempura Salmon or Seabass 

       topped with curry paste, lime leaves and

       sweet basil serve with your choice of



 38. Pra Tod Gra-Tiem                        £14.95/ £16.95

       Tempura salmon or Seabass

       topped with fresh stir fried garlic sauce



 39. Pra Nung Manow                         £16.95

     Streamed Sea Bass with Thai fresh chilli,    

     coriander and lime sauce.


 40. Pra Phaow                                    £16.95

     Thai style grilled Sea Bass in fresh herb

     Serve with chilli and lime sauce.


 41. Sea Bass special sauce                £16.95

     Thai Grilled Sea Bass with our own chef

     special salad dressing sauce.


 42.  Tom Yum Seafood                       £16.95

     Thai style grilled king prawns serve with our

     Own special spicy chilli and lime sauce.


 43. Pad Prik Seafood                          £16.95

     Stir fried mixed sea

       Noodles & Rice

 48. Pad Thai

      A classic Thai famous rice noodle dish

      with tofu and eggs topped with

      ground peanuts, chilli and lemon.

      Vegetables                                      £12.95

      Chicken/Pork/Beef                           £12.95

      Prawns                                           £15.95

 49. Stir Fried Egg Noodle

     Veg/Chicken                                    £12.95

     Prawns                                            £15.95

 50. Special Egg Fried Rice

      Thai special egg fried rice in garlic and

      soy sauce with onion and tomatoes.

     Veg/ Chicken/Beef                            £12.95

      Prawns                                           £15.95

 51. Pad See Ewe

       Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables,

       garlic and dark soy sauce.

       Veg/Chicken/Pork/Beef                     £12.95

       Prawns                                            £15.95


 52. Plain Egg Noodle                             £4.50

 53. Thai Coconut Rice                            £4.50

 54. Egg Fried Rice                                  £4.50

 55. Thai Streamed Fragrant Rice           £3.95

 56. Thai Sticky Rice                                £4.50

      All Dishes cooked fresh  on   site.

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