1. Tom Yum (Hot and sour soup)

     The famous Thai hot and sour soup with

     lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal

     Mushroom                                                  £6.00

     Chicken                                                       £6.00

     Prawn or Salmon                                        £7.50


2. Tom Kha

     Slightly hot and sour soup with coconut

     milk lemon and galangal   


     Mushroom                                                  £6.00

     Chicken                                                       £6.00

     Prawn or Salmon                                        £7.50



3. Thai mixed starter                                     £6.50

     Prawn toast, spring rolls, chicken satay

     golden bags, served with sweet chilli sauce


4. Prawn toast                                               £6.50

     Minced prawn and chicken on toast served

     with sweet chilli sauce                


5. Thai fish cakes                                           £5.50

     Curried fish patty deep-fired served with

     sweet chilli sauce topped with ground peanut


6. Thai style spring roll V. (vegetarian)        £6.50


7. Chicken Satay                                             £6.50

     Grilled chicken strips on wooden skewers

     marinated with coconut milk&curry powder

     served with peanut sauce


8. Tempura V. (vegetarian)

     Deep-fired Thai tempura served with

     Chef’s  own sauce selection


     Mix Vegetables                                            £6.50

     Prawn                                                         £7.95


9. Sweet corn cakes V. (vegetarian)                £6.50


10. Golden Parcels                                          £6.50

     Crispy golden packets filled with minced

     prawn and chicken. Served with

     sweet chilli dip

Thai style spicy salads

 11. Som TumThai V.                                     £ 12.95  

Hot and spicy Thai salad with dry shrimps, peanut,    tomatoes, chilli, lime juice and fresh papaya                                              


 12. Yum Gai Ka-Ta                                       £ 12.95

       Slices of marinated grilled chicken, mixed

       with ground roasted rice, seasoned with chilli

       lemon and mint leaves


113. Yum Kor Moo Yang                                         £  12.95

       Slices of tender grilled pork, mixed with

       lemon juices, chilli powder and mint leaves


 14. Yum Ta-laen                                          £ 14.95

       Mixture of mussels and squid seasoned to

       a taste of spicy and sour with lemon and chilli


 15. Yum Woon-Sen                                       £ 14.95

       Spicy and sour glass noodle (vermicelli)

       salad, can be served with your choice of

       Minced Pork / Chicken


 16. Yum Pla-muek                                        £ 14.95

     Spicy and sour calamari salad


 17. Aubergine Salad V.                                £ 13.95

       Sliced grilled aubergine seasoned with

       own chef sauce, fresh chilli and top with fresh

       prawn and fried egg.


 18. Larb                                                       £ 12.95

     North-eastern spicy salad style with chillies

     lime juice and fresh coriander can be served

     with choice of

     Chicken/ Pork / Beef


 19. Nam Tok                                                £ 12.95

     Famous dish in North-eastern spicy salad style

     with chillies, lime juice and fresh mint can be

     served with choice of

     Chicken/ Pork / Beef


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